Welcome to Orrizonte apartments

Welcome to Lefkada!

Lefkada, the island of legends of mythology, the island of poets and traditions, is a special travel destination.

Natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty, the well-known and award-winning beaches of the world, the hospitality of its

inhabitants, as well as the organized accommodation and catering units will make your vacation unique.

Lefkada is full of options that you can discover easily if you choose Orizzonte for your stay ...


Welcome to Orizzonte

In a quiet location, in green olive groves, with panoramic views of the city of Lefkada and its beaches is located in Orizzonte. It is 3 km from the city center, which is the road connecting the island with mainland Greece.

Thus Orizzonte is an ideal starting point for visitors to visit any place of Lefkada choose to go. The complex consists of 3 ground floor apartments of 2 rooms (include fully equipped kitchen) and 3 autonomous maisonettes, where on the first floor is the living room and the kitchen while on the second is the bedroom.

Characteristic of the complex is, apart from the unique view, the constantly pleasant temperature of the area, which is located at an altitude of about 170 meters above sea level.


Enjoy our hospitality in the blue-green island of poets!

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