Lefkada is the 4th largest island of the Ionian. It is located in the central Ionian Sea, between Paxos and Kefalonia and very close to the south-western side of Aitoloakarnania with which it is joined by a free floating bridge.





The tour of the island starts from here, from the city of Lefkada, which is 385 km from Athens, 420 km from Thessaloniki and 18 km from Aktion airport. A road in the sea of about 1800 meters leads from the bridge to the town of Lefkada. On the right is the lagoon which is the most important wetland of the island in which many rare species of birds find refuge.




The Historic Center of the city is picturesque and beautiful with colorful wooden houses and cobbled streets. In the summer, the narrow streets are flooded with the scents of the countless flowers on the picturesque balconies. It is pleasant to walk along the pedestrian street of the central market with the many shops and cafes that exist on the western beach of the island, next to the Venetian canal, where the visitor can enjoy the magical sunset.





   In the city of Lefkada it is also worth visiting:

- Kastro beach which is located right at the entrance of the island.




- The castle of Agia Mavra. It dominates the entrance of the island and is a very imposing, medieval building from the 13th century.




- The beach of Gyra with the lagoon which is ideal for walking and cycling.

-The beautiful beach of Agios Ioannis and Mylos.




-The archaeological museum of Lefkada in whose collection there are findings from 1900 and 1550 BC. as well as the museum of the poet Angelos Sikelianos

-The temples located on the pedestrian route of the central market which were built during the Venetian rule.



Orizzonte is only 2.5 km from the town of Lefkada and is located on the main road of Lefkada, the country road that leads to mountainous Lefkada



but also the shortest road in the summer to southern Lefkada, where the unique beaches of Engremni, Poro Katsiki and others are located , the cape of Lefkata and Vasiliki.





From Horizonte you can easily head to the West and East sides of Lefkada as it is very near to the main roads leading there.

The western side of Lefkada seems to be surrendered to the vast blue Ionian sea and the openhorizon. The first large beach of the west coast after the city of Lefkada is Pefkoulia, a sandy beach of one and more than a kilometer before the village of Agios Nikitas.





The village of Agios Nikitas is literally on the Ionian wave. This traditional village with the transparencies turquoise waters that grow amphitheatrically are the jewel of the island.




Who hasn't heard of Kathisma and Mylos, two of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean?





On the wind-sheltered east coast of Lefkada, the picturesque Akarnanika Mountains, the calm sea, the small welcoming beaches, the picturesque harbors, and Prigiponisia, make up a landscape of extraordinary beauty. From the beach in Nydri, the visitor sees the green islands of Princes, Madouri, of our national poet Aristotle Valaoritis and the beautiful Skorpios, the island of Aristotle Onassis. The visitor has at his disposal small gas boats for a walk in the bay and a visit to the islands.




Further south is Poros, a picturesque seaside village with the sheltered beach of Mikros Gialos and Sivota, a of the most picturesque natural ports of the Ionian, which looks like a fjord

 The above are some of the most important attractions of Lefkada that one can visit during a 5 to 7 day stay on the island, which however is full of 'hidden secrets', which you can discover if you choose Orizonde to stay and consult us …